Мальта. Отдых и обучение на Мальте. Недвижимость Мальты.


  Welcome to Malta!

MaltaVIP works in Malta from 2006 as a consulting group for the foreigners who would like to settle down in Malta. 

We have an experience in working with very different people and companies in Malta. Most of them are honest and professional, some of them are different. The main aim of MaltaVIP is to protect our clients from mistakes and to provide them with the best of the best. 

We can consult you regarding the following matters:
  • How and where you can get qualified and experienced assistance in obtaining citizenship or permanent residency in Malta;
  • How and where you can professional assistance in company formation and taxation in Malta; 
  • How and where you can get quick, safe and professional service with purchasing property in Malta. 
If you are interested in anything of above, we will be happy to help. Contact us...


Come and stay in Malta in lovely apartments, villas and good quality hotels! Letting directly from Maltese agents.

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Study English with a highly experienced teacher in a friendly and relaxed environment! Personal programmes of studying, individually tailored according to your needs . 

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Acquire first hand experience of Maltese life, environment, history and culture! Go to "Leisure" & "About Malta"






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